Meet Mr. Joshua Garner

If you’ve never met him, you’ll want to! Mr. Joshua Garner will be spearheading the ICJ Peer Support Program 

Having been released a little over a year ago, Mr. Garner has accomplished A LOT. He has given countless hours to philanthropic work giving back to the community, from bookbag giveaways to children in need, helping the homeless, leading expungement clinics, and more. He has done speaking engagements and panels to educate and advocate on the injustices of the carceral system. While Mr. Garner used to work at the Institute for Community Justice, he is now the Lead Certified Paralegal of Igwe Law Firm. He founded and operates Right to be Free, a nonprofit that assists juvenile lifers in obtaining clemency, and will be attending Harvard University’s distance learning program.

We welcome you Mr. Garner, and are excited for what’s to come!

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