The Institute for Community Justice is a comprehensive prison services and reentry program providing health linkages, supportive services, education, and advocacy for individuals, families, and communities impacted by mass incarceration.

I have to say, ICJ is very good at what they do, so I want to thank them, and I’m proud of myself for doing everything I can to get on my feet.

Victor Rodriguez

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Expungement Summit and Job & Community Fair

January 1st, 1970

Consult with Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity on getting your criminal record pardoned or expunged. Free backpacks and school supplies for expungement participants, as well as activities to keep…

ICJ Community Engagement Food Giveaways

August 6th, 2021

Get a free food box and learn about the Institute for Community Justice Reentry Center and peer support programming!



We have partnerships with many agencies and organizations throughout Philadelphia to ensure that returning citizens get all the help and support they need. Our partners provide referrals, help with our programs, employ our participants, and offer a wide range of services to complement ours.


The Workforce Initiative Network is specifically designed to provide support in addressing barriers and preparing individuals for employment success by developing confidence, skills and a positive mindset.

Culture of Health: Healing Ourselves to Heal Our Communities

March 8, 2021

This panel, facilitated by some of our most passionate mental health and wellness experts, will explore the effects of trauma and injustice within our communities and outline the urgent need for healing and stability as we push through the uncertainty, instability and collective pain imposed upon our communities by the troubling events of our current…

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How We Help

34 %

Overall recidivism rate

in Philadelphia, 2012-2015

16 %

Recidivism rate

of ICJ participants, 2019

53 %

Reduced likelihood

of recidivism for participants in ICJ programs and services