Prison Linkages and Prison Support

Prison Linkages Program

ICJ works closely with people who are currently incarcerated and living with HIV in ensuring that their health care needs are met both during incarceration and post-release. Prison linkage specialists also provide court advocacy, health education, and reentry social services support.

To speak with a Prison Linkages Specialist, please contact one of the Linkages Specialists:

Prison Support Program

Through our Prison Support Program, ICJ works with individuals during their incarceration by providing support and advocacy, and assists with discharge planning for those within the Philadelphia Department of Prisons and Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

To speak with a Prison Support specialist, please contact Tracy Latimer at or 215-525-0460 x418.

I have to say, ICJ is very good at what they do, so I want to thank them, and I’m proud of myself for doing everything I can to get on my feet.

Victor Rodriguez

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