Keith Andrews

Artist Bio:

My name is Keith Andrews. I am 41 years of age and serving a life sentence that began at the age of 18. I grew up in the Logan section of Philadelphia. I never want to make any excuses because I know that one bad decision changed many people’s lives forever. Through my 23 years tenure in prison, I have used my time and energy to mentor the young men who come in and out. I use my story to inspire them to make better decisions in life. I have loved creating art since the 3rd grade. Painting has been the one thing that helped me get through this rough patch of life. I am a quiet guy but my art speaks loud. Art is my voice. I use it to inspire, motivate, educate, build bridges, break chains. The freedom I get while painting reminds me of the life I had prior to incarceration. As a father and now grandfather, I now want to create a legacy for the future generations to come. Art is my way of changing the narrative and positively investing in my community.

Bag Lady:

This painting taught me a lot about the freedoms of me being an artist.


Portrait of a kid from an African tribe. When I saw this picture I had to paint it. This piece gave me joy. It was important for me to capture the joyous expression on his face. I hope that this portrait gives you the same feeling of joy every time you place your eye on the painting. (Acrylic on stretch canvas.)


One video changed the world. For years, we as a people have been crying out for justice. I wanted to create a painting that not only makes you remember their names but empathize with our pain. I hope this painting gives you the ability to remember our past but inspires you to continue to fight in the future. (Acrylic on a used canvas panel.)


Portrait of the late Great Kobe Bryant!

LeAnn: A Conversation Piece:

This painting brings awareness to so many situations that women face. To be alone while bringing a kid into this world can be a traumatic event. It hurts me a lot coming to prison as a teenager, leaving behind a teenage mother who bore the burden of carrying my child. I am so sorry for children not having their fathers in their life due to senseless violence. I hope this painting captures your heart and inspires men to step up ! (Acrylic on parachute clothe)

My Brother’s Keeper:

I saw these four young men in a news clipping. Seeing their strength and love inspired me to create this painting. I gained inner confidence and strength by recreating this image. It is my hope that the viewer can appreciate the love and undeniable bond these brothers have. (Acrylic on used parachute cloth)

Pen to Pen:

(baby shoe, Jordan, state boot) Inspiration for this painting was to reflect on the school to prison pipeline. I am hoping that this visual shows how rigid the system is but encourages all to break this major systemic system. (Acrylic on use parachute clothe)