The CPT for The ICJ Staff Members.

Emma Sullivan

Emma Sullivan is a dedicated and passionate professional with a background in community/coalition building, advocacy, and social justice. Emma has a Bachelor of Arts degree…

Shaheed Shelton

Ben Mitchell

I am a passionate solution seeker and networker, dedicated to connecting my community with valuable resources and services.

Arianna Williams

Roberta Fredricks

Hi, I’m a HIV Linkage Specialist with ICJ since June 2023. I’ve worked in several industries in the non-profit sector for 28 years. I have…

Donna Brown-Cade

I developed an affection for the forensic population at my first job out of graduate school.  I graduated from Alvernia University with a Master’s in…

Daniel Quarles

As a man with 21 years of lived experience, it is a mission of mine to assist and provide support for those who are attempting…

Kelly Rascoe

Kelly Rascoe has over thirty years working in various Human Service agencies.  He has 11 ½ years of experience in Alcohol and Other Drugs treatment;…

Stephanie Butler

Donna Hanton

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