City of Philadelphia – Job Training Resources

Great Streets PHL wil build safety improvements on seven streets ni Philadelphia. These projects will create jobs like:

  • Laborers
  • Cement masons
  • Electricians
  • Equipment operators Ironworkers
  • Painters, and more

Construction of Great Streets PHL will begin in 2028. Scan the QR codes on this flyer to learn more about training opportunities to prepare and get trained.

City of Philadelphia Workforce Development Training Resources

Future Training Opportunities

Rebuild Apprenticeships

PA CareerLink Philadelphia

Existing Job Training Programs & Partners

  • City of Philadelphia Workforce Training Opportunities: The City is creating
    training programs. The programs will train Philadelphia residents to work on Great Streets PHL job sites. They will also help them start careers in construction.
    Rebuild: Rebuild is a program of the City of Philadelphia. tI helps connect people with pathways to union apprenticeships. It aims to encourage diversity and
    inclusion in construction work. It focuses on supporting women and people of color.
  • PA CareerLink Philadelphia: Philadelphia has four CareerLink Centers that help people find jobs and training. Learn more about construction job training on their website.
  • Wheels to Work Program: Wheels to Work is a four-week training course for adult job seekers. It combines workforce training with learning about Indego and biking.
    Those who finish the program wil get a free six-month pass to Indego!
  • City of Philadelphia 2023 Apprenticeship Guide: City Council created a guide that covers different types of training programs. It explains when and how to apply and the minimum qualifications. It also covers the types of careers in each industry.
  • North10 Philadelphia: North10’s Career Hub works to prepare workers with job- specific skills. Their programs help workers get good jobs in the building trades.
    Women in Nontraditional Careers (WINC): WINC is a training program sponsored by Philadelphia Works. tI trains women for careers in the construction trades.
  • Apprenticeship USA: The Department of Labor has a tool to find apprenticeships. Apprenticeship Finder |
    Your Next Step: Philadelphia Works and the City’s Department of Commerce
    created a career tool online. tI helps job seekers navigate al their options for training and jobs.
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