Mr. Bullock Achievement

Mr. Arkiem Bullock is a living example of what giving someone a 2nd chance can do to uplift the chances for success when it comes to reentry. Mr. Bullock had spent a number of years in county and state prison, describing that the streets kept drawing him back to a lifestyle he wishes he hadnt been a part of. At 51 years of age, Mr. Bullock has learned a great deal and made a big decision to turn his life around. August 1st, 2023, mr. Bullock was released and met with our prison support specialist and reentry specialist at the Institute for Community Justice. Wanting to be more than his past life, he entered training to become a certified peer specialist, and he recently passed his test and obtained his certification!

Additionally, he went through a trainee program with the city of Philadelphia and has since been hired by the city’s street department! His motivation and belief in his god set him on a path to redemption. Mr. Bullock shares, “I feel so much better about my chances in life. I did not get here by myself; I put god first, and everything else fell into place. Patience and hard work are what i had to endure to get what i wanted out of life. Anything worth having will be hard, but you can and will make it when you have a plan.”

As Mr. Bullock continues to grow his career and life, when asked what he envisions his life to look like in 5 years, he said, “In 5 years I will own my own home, have a nice car, and a good wife that will be in my corner to motivate and elevate my career choices. We all have a past, but don’t let your past become your future. New beginnings await you if you want it.”

Mr. Bullock turned his life around in a matter of 3 months – and while this is not everyone’s story, we encourage everyone to take a chance at working towards their future and building a plan. ICJ is here to help along the way.

Congrats, Mr. Bullock, on your achievements!

Mr. Bullock

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