The Free Tyree Wallace Movement Invites Support for Tyree Wallace’s Upcoming Hearing on February 20, 2024

Philadelphia, PA – The Free Tyree Wallace Movement is thrilled to extend an invitation to the citizens of Pennsylvania, supporting organizations and social justice groups to attend and support Tyree Wallace’s upcoming planned hearing on February 20, 2024. This hearing marks a pivotal moment in Tyree’s quest for justice, and we believe that your presence and support can have a significant impact on his FREEDOM.

As advocates for social justice, we understand the power of unity and the importance of public support. By demonstrating a strong and unified presence at the hearing, we are confident that it will further strengthen Tyree’s case and provide the judge with an overwhelming sense of confidence to make the right decision.

We firmly believe in the power of sharing information with the community and our leaders, particularly when it comes to cases like Tyree’s. Wrongful convictions unfortunately occur all too often, but by addressing them individually and with purposeful intention, we can contribute to the progress of the justice system.

Your participation and support are greatly appreciated, and we eagerly anticipate standing together on this important day. Should you require any additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

SEE HERE ALSO for the Official Registration form to confirm your attendance with us on 2/20:

For more information about Tyree and his fight for freedom, please visit

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